Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guilty Pleasures: Celebrity Apprentice

First let me just say that I can't stand Donald Trump. I think that he's atrocious, the damage he did to the old Bonwit Teller building when he built Trump Tower, the horrible buildings that he's put up, all with his name slapped on the front, his ginormous ego, and that squirrel that sits on top of his head, all make my skin crawl, the horrible vicious things he's said about Rosie O'Donnell (and I'm not a huge fan of hers). I don't think that he's a nice person, so why in the world do I watch Celebrity Apprentice?

Well, he's only on the show for the first 5 or ten minutes and then at the end, which means there's a good 1 1/2 when I don't have to see him. Two, I like the fact that the celebrities are playing for their favorite charity. I didn't watch the first 2 seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, and the only reason I started watching this year was because of Curtis Stone, but I'm glad I did if only for this man on the left: Bret Michaels. Dude, I hope you recover from your brain hemorrage to continue to rock and roll and to make hilarious reality TV shows. Yes, Bret Michaels, the skank loving former lead singer of Poison and star of Rock of Love has won me over. Yes, he's a total horndog who will hit on anything with breasts but the man is hysterical and wonderfully creative, and a loving father. His concern for his daughter who might have diabetes (which he has) was so touching. Who knew?

Plus I would have missed out on the fun that was former Governor of the great state of Illinois Rod Blagojovich who has somehow managed to make it to the 20th century without learning how to a) turn on a computer, b) learn how to send a text message or c) send an email.  Watching him in the boardroom with Trump as Trump tried to give him an out to keep from firing him was Must See TV. Blagojovich is the slipperiest politician I have ever seen. He makes Huey Long look like a paragon of virtue. Seriously it made me wonder about the voters in Illinois that they could a) send Obama to the Senate (yeah!) but b) elect Blagojovich as a Governor. The man is useless and the more he talked or didn't talk on the show (since he never said anything of substance), the more he dug a hole for himself. The best thing this guy could do for himself is stay away from the media.

And I have forgotten the Double-Mint twins Sharon Osbourne and Cindy Lauper who made all the women on their team cringe Well actually is was just Cindy who rubbed people the wrong way since Sharon was sick for three of the tasks. See Cindy feels that people don't respect her experience and authority since she's older than the other women in the competition. According to her, they should just shut up and show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. The other women like Holly Robinson-Peete and Summer Sanders feel that they have a right to their own opinion. Imagine that?

What's interesting is that even with all the hormornes and conflict amongst the women (who called their team Tenacity) they still ran rings around the men, winning 4 challenges in a row. They only lost 2 team members while the men lost like 5 men (Darryl Strawberry basically begged Trump to fire him and Michael Johnson quit for 'personal' reasons).

The best part of last week's episode was Team Rock Solid's Rock Groupie Work-Out which they created for 24 Hour Fitness. Watching Brett Michaels lead this women in riding the pony and air guitar was priceless. That and the woman who told Michaels that he was one of her 5 free passes from her husband, and Michaels pulling her towards the bathroom as if to comply. They won the $24,000 for creating a great work-out but Holly Robinson-Peete managed to beat them in raising money which is amazing since as HRP said Sharon Osbourne can just call up Sir Elton John and Sting.

I will definitely be glued to the TV for this finale.

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