Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dali Don't

I'm slowly getting into Project Runway this season but I'm telling you if Suede doesn't stop referring to himself in the third person, to misquote Dorothy Parker, constant viewer will frow up. Nor does tanorexic Blaine do it for me. Love Stella but when are the judges going to realize that she only designs outfits for people going to a Ramones concert in 1982? But what really cracked me up about this season was Auf'd designer Jennifer (that's her to the left) claiming that her designs were inspired by the Surrealist painters.

Um, sure, if by Surreal you mean the designers at Banana Republic!

To the right is the design that Jennifer got Auf'd for. It was supposed to be an outfit for the female US Olympic Athletic team to wear in the opening ceremonies. Now I thought this was adorable but it would only look good on the gymnastics team if they were having afternoon tea with who ever is the head of the government in Beijing or Laura Bush. And there is nothing surrealist about this design whatsoever. The blogger over at TV Guide wrote that someone must have told her that surrealism meant pretty, feminine clothes and she never bothered to look up the word.

On the left is a painting by Salvador Dali, one of the leading surrealists in the 20th century. Does Jennifer's outfit look anything like that? I think not.
When Jennifer got Auf'd, she sat in her mini-exit interview that they didn't understand her surrealism. I think the real explanation is that she doesn't understand what surrealism means. Far be it from me to criticize but neither Frida Kahlo's paintings or Magritte's suggest to me clothes I can find at Club Monaco.
Here's hoping that Ralph Lauren was watching and he offered Jennifer, Jillian's job, since she quit after Project Runway 4.

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