Thursday, August 21, 2008

Listen to Tim Gunn!

Ah Daniel, so talented and so clueless! One has to wonder after watching last night's episode whether or not he'd ever seen an episode of Project Runway. From day one, he never seemed to be able to move out from his comfort zone of cocktail dresses and couture, to deal with the challenges that were presented.

Two weeks ago, he created a cocktail dress for an athelete to wear in the Opening ceremonies of the Olympics, last night he created an evening gown for a drag queen sans sequins or any other accoutrement. It was pretty but it looked like an orangey/yellow version of the dress that Annida Greenkard already had.

There was no creativity, no va-va voom to it. It was just a rather blah dress that you could find at any Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe store. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that half the girls in this country wore something similar to their prom. What Annida Greenkard needed was something ala Carmen Miranda. Now there was a drag queen, and she was actually a woman!

thing over the top, but I'm afraid Daniel doesn't understand that concept. Is it just me or was he the most boring personality ever on a reality TV show? And so incredibly defensive which is a no-no particularly with these judges. Tim Gunn warned him that his dress was rather blah but Daniel decided to ignore him, which as anyone who has watched this show, knows is a big mistake. If Tim Gunn gives you advice, listen to him, and mull it over before you reject it out of hand. Most of the time, actually 99%, he's right and he was right this time.

Now for the winner. Joe created a perfect outfit for Varla Jean Merman. Even though Varla Jean showed up wearing a cute 1950's sundress, she and Joe both decided that her outfit should be Ann Margaret on The Love Boat. Ah The Love Boat, how I have fond memories of watching that show as a kid. It had always had old time movie stars as guests like Ann Miller and Mickey Rooney.

Now that I think about it, today's reality shows perform the same function that shows like The Love Boat and Fantasy Island did, a place for former TV and movie stars can go to revive their careers.

Joe, who never fails to remind the viewer that he is the only heterosexual male on the show, was out of his comfort zone, but look what he came up with! It looked adorable on Varla Jean, and she loved it. And really, I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't something that Ann-Margret wore in the 1970's in Vegas or on The Love Boat.

This was exactly what the judges were looking for, and although I really liked Terri's Kabuki inspired outfit that made RuPaul declare that it looked like Kiss and Diana Ross had a love child, I wasn't unhappy that Joe won.

I'm still not sure how Stella is still in the game. She is so lucky that Keith (who inspired the best quote of the night when RuPaul doing an Australian accent asked him if 'the dingo ate his baby' when he came up with his excuses for his tired ass black and white dangly fabric dress). Stella's dress looked like a bad Vivienne Westwood imitation.

Can I just say that I am so ready for her or Blaine to go home?

Apart from Terri (who has been so close to winning every week but never does. You could tell she was pissed that Joe won over her design) and Korto, none of these designers are doing it for me. No one is popping the way that Christian or even Chris did last season.

Oh and Daniel, Rahmi has impeccable taste. You don't.


David Dust said...

Daniel always had that annoying "how did I get in the bottom again" look on his face - EVERY WEEK!

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Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Interesting interview in EW. Daniel talks about how his drag queen didn't want anything over the top or 'queeny' so the poor dude was hamstrung before he began. Although he did always make that pissy face.

Kwana said...

Daniel was out the second he blew Tim off. It was the kiss of death.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Why do people not realize that Tim Gunn is God? If he makes a comment about your outfit, listen to him! You can argue with him, but he knows what he's talking about.

By the way, my friend Lucy saw him in the Gristedes in her Chelsea neighborhood. She said he was impeccably dressed.