Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! Wow, 2009, who would have thunk it? In less then 18 days we will be inaugurating a new President and I can't wait. So far this year, I've already had to take my new laptop into the shop to have the hard drive fixed. Thank god for flash drives! My proposal for my non-fiction book is 96% finished and ready to go off to lovely agent. And I spent a glamorous New Year's Eve with the always lovely and delightful Hope Tarr (hurry out and buy her book now!) out in Brooklyn at the Montauk Club.
We met a lovely woman who made her own evening gown from a vintage Vogue pattern. This dress was so fabulous, you would have thought it was couture. We also got to watch many people dance the Charleston like it was 1929 and not almost 2009. The 1920's are my favorite period of 20th Century history, so I was right at home. I didn't even mind not having anyone to kiss at midnight this year.
Yesterday, I just relaxed and watched a marathon of the TV series Bones on TNT. I really like this show, and for once it doesn't bother me that the TV Bones bears almost no resemblance to the fictional Bones in Kathy Reich's books. Probably because she's a producer on the show, so she had some say in how they translated her creation into the TV version. Made a lovely veggie burger for dinner and then retired to do some research for my other blog.
Extremely mellow.


Hope Tarr said...

Hi Elizabeth,
It was a pleasure spending New Year's Eve with you, too, and yes, wasn't the Montauk Club the perfect setting. And that woman's dress--periwinkle with that certain translucence (pixie dust, p;erhaps) to the layers of fabric--was nothing short of magical. All the costumes were gorgeous, and I loved seeing the "men's" in their top hats and tails. Made for a nice break from the usual "uniform": jeans and an untucked collared shirt.

And in the spirit of false modesty not being modesty at all, I'll say upfront that Miss EKM and Moi didn't look too shabby ourselves. Elizabeth's sleek Little Black number was Chanel chic and I loved the tulle demi-bustle detailing on the back.

Unfortunately my BlackBerry camera didn't begin to do any of it justice, hence no pictures beyond a blurry shot that will never see The Light of Day.But that's okay. Much better to remember the fabulous time and simply rewind it in our minds as the start to what is going to be a fab year for us all, I can feel it!

Happy 2009!

Kwana said...

Happy New Year! It sounds like a fab time. Here hoping for a wonderful 2009.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Poop, Hope about the pictures. But the yes, the memory does linger on in my mind. Particularly your lovely bronze number that you wore, very 1930's chic.