Friday, January 30, 2009

Are You Kidding Me with this America?

Recently I've seen in the tabloids the headline "Is Jessica Simpson Fat?" Really America? Do we have to keep chastizing celebrities for gaining a few pounds? And what do we really mean by fat? She's not a size 2, so therefore she must be fat? Seriously is there anyone out there looking at this picture who thinks that Jessica Simpson is anywhere near fat or even obese? At most she's maybe gained ten pounds, as most people do over the holidays.

Secondly that outfit wouldn't flatter anyone, not even Heidi Klum. She's wearing high-waisted jeans with two belts. Not a good look for anyone. Frankly after seeing these pictures, I would fire my stylist, if I were her.

But don't we have more important things like the Middle-East imploding and the economy being in the toilet than to pick on poor Jessica Simpson because she ate too many buffalo wings at Cowboy's game?


Kwana said...

The whole debate is ridiculous. I agree she should fire her stylist and everyone else should be ashamed of themselves for talking about her weight and not sticking to the real serious issue of fashion here.:)

Seriously, as a mother of a teenage girl this makes me so mad.

Hope Tarr said...

She needs to lose the high-waisted "mom" jeans, then I think she'd be okay.