Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Lady Jane's Salon, a Triumph!

Last night was the first night of many for the new romance reading series, Lady Jane's Salon, at the sexy bar Madame X downtown in Soho. The decor lent itself well for the reading, imagine a Victorian living room in a bordello, and you'll get the picture, red walls, comfy velvet sofas, slightly erotic pictures on the wall. I think it is safe to say from the turnout that it was a smashing success. Andrea Pickens read from her latest book in her trilogy, The Scarlet Spy from Grand Central publishing, and one of the co-founders, the lovely Hope Tarr read from her latest Harlequin Blaze, Every Breath You Take.

The drinks were cheap but delicious. I drank several Indecent Proposals, a concoction of champagne, and peach schnapps. Katrina Tipton brought her adorable son, who I'm very much in love with. We drooled over co-founder Maya Rodale's hunky British boyfriend, who seemed very nice and very attentive to our girl.

Check out Barbara Vey's blog over at Publisher's Weekly for more, as well as the blogs of founders Hope Tarr, Leanna Renee Heiber and Maya Rodale for more dish as well as photos. The lovely ladies will be chatting over at Romance Novel TV this Friday as well. Also check out Kwana Writes for her take on the evening.

Next month, NYTimes bestselling author Lauren Willig and Jenna Peterson will be reading.

Hope to see everyone there.


Kwana said...

What a fun night. I just posted some pics.

Hope Tarr said...

Thanks for the great blog summary of Lady Jane's Salon launch last Monday. Ron, Maya, Leanna Renee and I are truly touched by the incredible turn-out, including so many of our RWA/NYC chapter "sistahs."

And yes, Lady Jane's will indeed monthly. Next Salon meet-up is Monday, March 2nd chez Madame X.

I too am slowly but surely working my way through the divine list of naughty-named cocktails. And quelle recession buster. At $5 a pop, I may just move in. (Note to Self: Those plush red velvet sofas look comfy).


PS Kwana did indeed get some great pics with that BB camera. I posted the one of Sarah Tormey and yes, EKM on Lady Jane's Facebook page.