Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hump Day Hotties: Sci Fi Edition

Ah, John Barrowman of Torchwood. I've adored this actor ever since he was in that horrible night-time soap, created by Darren Star, called Central Park West. He played a Kennedyesque character, who was sort of a playboy, until the show got cancelled. Then he was in Titans, another failed night-time soaps, this time produced by Aaron Spelling, where he played an alcoholic playboy who pined for a woman he couldn't have. It wasn't until Torchwood that he was actually in something that was worthy of his talent. Now, Fox Television is doing an American version of the show, but if he's not in it, I'm not watching!

David Tennant, the man who got me to start watching Dr. Who and loving it. I have never any other incarnation of Dr. Who except for the first season where Christopher Eccleston played the role. I liked him but it wasn't until David Tennant put on the long coat of Dr. Who that I really sat up and noticed. He's so lovely and talented, able to play both comedy and drama brilliantly and sometimes in the same episode. I loved his enthusiasm in playing the role. A long-time fan of show, he was excited to get to play the 10th Dr. How many people who are fans of a show actually get a chance to play the lead role on it? And watch out when he's on a chat show and he uses his real Scottish accent. Le pant! Le sigh! He's going to be much missed as Dr. Who.

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