Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I Want Now: Dreaming of Liberty

Anyone who has been to London has probably seen the Liberty of London store's mock Tudor facade on Regent's street. Well they have done a collection for Target, not just of cute dresses like the on the left but also home furnishings, patio furniture, you name it.

Two weeks ago in New York, they opened a satellite store on 42nd Street and 6th Avenue and the line was around the block to get in and go shopping. I'm sad now that I didn't stand outside to get in because the cute dresses are now out of stock. In 2 weeks! That's awesome. I mean a $40 dress that is cute and well made is not easy to find.

I've bought several items from Target's designer collections and they are incredibly well made compared to some of the stuff that you see at Kmart and Wal-Mart. I won an Alice Temperly dress, an Erin Fetherstone dress, and some very cute Hollywoud shoes. Not to menion the Isaac Mizrahi bag that I used to own. Right now along with the Liberty of London collection, Jean Paul Gaultier has done a collection and Zac Posen is coming up. I wish now that I had bought something from the Alexander McQueen collection that they had like a year ago.

These collections are just one of the reasons that Target is like the best store in the world.  Along with the great cosmetics and toiletries, and the cheap DVD's.

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