Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Curious Incident of Britney in the Night

You are Britney Spears. You've just been told by the judge that you will have random drug tests, and that you have to have weekly parenting classes. Your manager quits after you embarass yourself on MTV, and your lawyer quits on you too. Your ex-husband actually gets offered a TV job acting no less. What do you do? Do you lay low, staying in with your kids? Perhaps put your nose to the grindstone working on your album, rehearsing some dance moves, rededicating yourself to your career.

No, you go out drinking and partying until the wee hours of the morning.

Way to go Britney. Why don't you just hand over your kids to K-Fed right now.

Sigh! I really do like Britney. I admire the way she's made the most of the modest talent that she has, and if she didn't have 2 small kids, I'd probably cut her some more slack. But girlfriend really needs to get her sh*t together. I mean who would have thought that Kevin Federline would appear to be the more responsible parent? The minute that Britney decided to have not one, but two kids back to back, she needed to put the party all night girl behind her. Now is not the time to turn into drunky mcdrunk alot.

If the judge can order random drug testing, how about some pyschological testing as well? Before she ends up behind bars like Lindsay, Paris or Nicole (sorry, Nicole never actually went to jail did she? I mean apart from setting foot in the jail). Apparently Britney's dad (like La Lohan's father) also has suffered from alcoholism, so clearly its genetic. Maybe it's time for some outpatient therapy, and some AA meetings. Show the judge that she takes this whole situation seriously.

I promise this is my last post about Britney. It's just too sad.


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