Friday, September 28, 2007

Dye, Dye, My Darling

Yesterday I had a total hair disaster of epic proportions. I'm talking so bad that not even wearing a hat could stem the embarrassment. What did I do that left me looking like Carrot Top?

Well, I decide to highlight my hair to hide the gray instead of doing the whole head thing or just doing my roots. So I moseyed on over to Duane Reade after jury duty was over to pick up a box of Revlon Highlights. Got home, and decided to do it just before Grey's Anatomy came on.

I followed the instructions to the letter except for the part where I got so caught up in what was happening with Meredith and George, and her sister Lexie that I left it on a little too long. When I went into the bathroom to wash it off, I almost fainted. The highlights were totally orange. I'm talking Bozo the clown orange. So bad, that I couldn't hide them by changing the part in my hair.

So instead of going to work this morning, I had to run across the street to the hairdresser for damage control. So what if I'd been off work for two days on jury duty, and I should have totally gone it. Whatever, my hair is way more important. I kind of fibbed a bit and told my boss I had to see a doctor for my allergies, because I was too embarassed to tell him that I had a highlighting injury. Fortunately, my hair was saved, like the guy on Grey's Anatomy who was kind of decapitated but they managed to fix him, otherwise my only choices were going to be either shaving it off or wearing a wig!

The moral of this story? Don't dye and watch Grey's Anatomy!

Anyone else have any good hair emergencies or disasters that they want to share?


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MaryF said...

Oh, NO!!!

I had my mom highlight my hair once, and it turned out striped, like a zebra, and bright orange. UGH. I just bought another thing of dye and colored the whole thing.