Friday, October 03, 2008

National Treasure - Patt Milhailoff

Patt Milhailoff, Me and Chris Keeslar after he received his award

I'm a little hungover and from celebrating the lovely Hope Tarr's birthday last night. I didn't watch the debate but I did read the transcript in today's New York Times. It's interesting to read what they said without being guided or mesmerized by watching them on television. No Sarah Palin trying to look adorable or Joe Biden looking like a professor, just the facts ma'am as it were. I found that reading it, Sarah Palin came off okay. I find her folksy manner, that she's just regular people to be such a joke after reading about how women were forced to pay for their own rape kits and taking a per diem from the state so that she could work from her house.

So instead I'm posting this last picture from the GAA because it is a lovely one of member Patt Milhailoff, who is like the crown jewel of RWA NYC. She is one of the most enthusiastic cheerleaders for the genre and for our members that you could wish for. She's also a multi-published author with Cerridwen, but success has not gone to Patt's head. She is still as down to earth as ever, always there with the tough love, trying to get people to write and submit there work. Every year she makes the award certificates that we give out to our honorees, and she used to raffle off goodie baskets as well at the GAA's. We don't get to see enough of her.

And despite the fact that we've tried numerous times to give her Member of the Year or to get her to run for office, she won't hear of it. That's a great member, and I wish that I had 80 Patt's as chapter members (that's not to say that we don't have amazing members in our chapter). It's just that Patt is a National Treasure. I'm sure that a lot of chapters have members like Patt, someone who goes the extra mile without being asked.

We love our Patt!

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Hope Tarr said...

Thanks for making my birthday so special, Elizabeth. Once I got home, I watched a bit of the VP debate as a rebroadcast. I don't want to get too ahem..."political," but okay, what's with the winking? Once is cute, twice is maybe endearing but once you cap three winks, I'm starting to think facial tick.

I'm just saying...