Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day Hotties: The History Boys

It's another edition of Hump Day Hotties. And since apparently there is a blizzard today in NYC, these History Boys can keep you warm while they talk to you about ancient lands and facts.  The cutie above is Josh Bernstein. I first discovered Josh while watching Digging for the Truth on the History Channel. I instantly fell in lust with Mr. Bernstein. Not even the Teva sandals and the questionable hair dim his good-looks. He has the most soulful brown eyes! And he has a twin brother Andrew! Reading his bio made him even more desirable. Degree from Cornell, graduate study in Jersusalem. The whole outdoorsy thing, while normally a turn-off, he makes seem hot. He owns a survival training school in Utah. Seriously, if I were ever dumb enough to go on Survivor, I would enroll in his school first to learn how to make it work. He left The History Channel for his own show on The Discovery Channel which lasted like one season. Still, Digging for the Truth is available on DVD! You can check out more about Josh at his web-site

Thanks to Nicola Cornick for letting me know about this hottie instead of keeping him to herself. His name is Dan Snow, and he's 6 foot 5 full of dreaminess. A graduate of Balliol College, Oxford, he's Anglo-Canadian and the great-great grandson of Prime Minister David Lloyd-George. Only 31, he's already made a name for himself as a historian with his dad, and he's had several shows on the BBC. You can read more about him at this fan site.

And now for our final hottie, I give you Michael Wood, the presenter of Searching for Shakespeare and Searching for Myths & Heroes. It just goes to show that one can still be a hottie at 61!

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