Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Agony of TV

So, after I waited around on Sunday for the Cable guy to show up, I discover that the problem is that my picture tube blew out, not that the cable isn't attached properly. Which means of course a trip to Circuit City and serious damage to my credit card. I'm now the proud owner of an LG 20 inch Flat screen HD TV. Can I just say that I had heart palpitations and my palms were sweating when I handed over my credit card to pay the $411 that this TV cost me. The good news is that I get a $100 rebate for signing up for Time Warner Cable HD. So now I have to wait again on Friday for the Cable guy to come and switch DVR boxes.
Last night after our SWAT writing session at the lovely Morgan's who fed us spaghetti and rice krispy treats, I came home to set up my new TV set (the nice super had taken my gigantor old one down for me since it was too big for me to take down from the wardrobe where it was sitting). Very easy to set up, although it looks kind of forlorn sitting on top of my wardrobe because its so small compared to the old one.
Then I went to plug it in only to discover that the plug on the TV set has 3 prongs, and my extension chord only allows for 2! Guess what? Yes, a trip to Radio Shack to buy a new extension chord so that I can plug in my TV set.
Please god let this nightmare be over before Persuasion comes on Masterpiece Classics on Sunday!

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