Sunday, January 27, 2008

Retail Blues

Has this happened to you? When I went in to buy my televison a few weeks ago, the salesclerk insisted I had to buy this $80.00 cable in order to have my new HD DVR hooked up. Well, when the cable guy came, and I handed him the box, he told me that I didn't need it, that this was just something that Circuit City made people buy when they bought HD TV's. WTF?

So of course, I went back to the store to get my freaking $80.00 back. And here's my other question, aren't these salesclerks on commission? Cause if they are, why is that I always have to chase one down when I go into Circuit City or Best Buy. Shouldn't they be hovering obsequiously, annoying the heck out me while I shop? Instead I see them huddled in a bunch over by the big screen TV's talking about their weekends, and watching what's playing.

Now, I know that most of them are making minimum wages or just a little more, but wouldn't that like motivate you to sell as much crap to consumers as possible so that you could move up the food chain to manager? Or save enough money so that you could get another job?

Am I just crazy?

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MaryF said...

Circuit City is on commission, I think, but I don't know about Best Buy. Ugh on them making you buy something you didn't even need!