Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lucky Post # 800

Geez, I can't believe it. Today marks my 800 post here at Got it Goin On! It's hard to believe I had that much to say considering how hard it is for me to write my President' s letter every month for our newsletter.
In the 3 years since I started this blog I have:

1) Gone to two RWA National Conferences
2) Written 4 manuscripts, 4 partials, and 1 novella
3) Started another blog Scandalous Women
4) Started my second term as RWA NYC President
5) Worked 2 jobs
6) Had many bad dates
7) Had some good dates
8) Fell in hard core lust with Fun Guy and got my heart stomped on
9) Fell in love at first sight with Cutie Pie author and got my heart broken
10) Gone to England twice
11) Met many wonderful writers both in person and in cyber-space
12) Watched way too much reality TV
13) Started taking Latin Ballroom Dancing classes
14) Dreamed of going to Australia and back to Italy
15) Had my full manuscripts requested several times by agents
16) Entered the Golden Heart
17) Entered the Brava Novella Contest
18) Led a conga line at the New Jersey conference
19) Hosted 3 Golden Apple Awards receptions including the one for our 20th Anniversary
20) Read many many books

Wow, that's a lot of stuff! Speaking of other wonderous news, last night or should I say this morning at 2:00 a.m. when I got home from my night job, what did I find in my mailbox but the new issue of Marie Claire with Megan Frampton's contribution to the article "How to Survive an Office Affair." I would have posted the cover with Reese Witherspooon but its not up on Marie Claire's web-site yet. But it's a really cool article about how Megan met her husband Scott, and now she's going to be doing book reviews for them and sharing all the wonderful ARCs and stuff she gets with her friends (right Megan?). So check it out and then mosey on over to her web-site and leave comments and stuff.

Thanks for sticking me with for 800 posts. Here's to 800 more (if I don't die of exhaustion first!)



Kwana said...

Congrats on 800 posts! That's a lot of writing, girl.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Three years from now, I'll be congratulating you!