Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Indecision 2008

So Hillary Clinton and John McCain surprised the crap out of everyone by winning the New Hampshire primary. Good for them. I like McCain, he's the only Republican that I can say that about. I think he's great when he talks off the cuff, before the Republican National Committee tries to muzzle him, and he retreats back to the party message. Then I get annoyed. First of all, if he can survive how ever many years he spent in a Vietnamese prison camp, he should be able to take on the RNC. Secondly, the RNC should respect him more than they do. He's the only really who has any experience fighting a war.

As for Hillary, I think it's sad that she had to cry and get emotional to get people to vote for her, or that it even came up in the debate that people think she's not likeable. It has to be hard for her, particularly with the 'Bill' question. Just as there are a lot of people voting for her, because it means Clinton back in the White House, there are just as many people who hate him, and don't even want him to be allowed on the tour of the White House let alone back living there.

As for me, I'm still torn about who I want to support. I do like Hillary even though she voted for the war, and I'm one of those people who would be happy to see Bill Clinton as First Husband. As a woman, I'm proud to see another woman actually have a good shot at being the first female Presidential Candidate. On the other hand, it's thrilling to have a man from my generation running for the job, and a man of color. But I have reservations about both of them because of their lack of experience with government.

Say what you will about Romney, Huckabee and Guiliani, they know how to run a state and the largest city in the United States. Hillary has only been a Senator for what 8 years now? And Obama, three? Is Obama seasoned enough to deal with the office of President? When was the last time that we had a President who didn't have experience in Government? Was it Eisenhower? But he was a war hero, responsible for the European Theater during WWII. Man had experience! Wilson? He was President of Princeton University.

The next Head of State is going to have to deal with some difficult shit, from what to do with Iraq, where in the world is Osama bin Laden?, not to mention all the domestic crap that has to be cleaned up with the environment, and big business. Say, here's an idea, stop squeezing the middle class and squeeze the big guys for some money. Trump should be supporting me, not the other way around.

So I'm still on the fence at the moment, and I'm waiting for Hillary and Barack to come a'courting for my vote. Take me to dinner, try to persuade me. I'm puddy after a good meal and some wine.


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