Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Congratulations Sean Bean

Congratulations to Sean Bean who married his girlfriend, Georgina Sutcliffe the other day. This is Sean's 4th marriage and Georgina's first. He has 3 children by two of his wives, which include Abigail Cruttenden, his co-star from Sharpe. In fact, I think she played his wife on Sharpe.

Sean is a gorgeous 48 years old, and his new bride is 29. It's nice that he's so optimistic that 4th time is the charm, but I don't know if I could marry a man who had been married 3 times before and had 3 kids by two different women, even if he did look like Sean Bean.

I will say he is consistent, he does love blondes!


Kwana said...

4th marriage. Wow! Well, when the groom looks like him, I say give it a try. Notice how she's looking at him? Total admiration. Him, not so much.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Yeah, I think she adores him, but I give it a few years max. His last marriage only lasted 4 years.

Witch said...

It will be a miracle if this marriage last more than 5 years!
What was this man thinking? I will marry 5 times and then I'll stop? Though, when he will get divorced again I don't have a problem being his next girlfriend! Just girlfriend! I could love his children but I would definitely hate his ex-wives! :P