Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Fashions

So I watched the Oscars last night and I could go on about how excited I was that Marion Cotillard won for La Vie en Rose, or the shock of Tilda Swinton winning for Best Supporting Actress but what we really care about is what did people wear. Speaking of which, what the hell was that schmatte that Tilda Swinton had on? Seriously, I haven't seen anything that hideous since Kim Basinger showed up in the one armed white satin outfit with the gold-braiding. The least talented contestant on Project Runway could design something better. I get that she's all avant-garde and edgy but that was just butt ugly. Bjork's swan outfit was more attractive. I would post a picture but I couldn't post something that atrocious, not without another cup of coffee.

Now this is more like it. I'm not a huge fan of Renee Zwellweger but the woman knows how to dress.

Anne Hathaway looking lovely in red Marchesa. Marchesa gowns seem to be turning up frequently on the red carpet. One of the designers is Harvery Weinstein's new wife. Not that people weren't wearing their gowns before then. They are absolutely stunning.

I love Cameron Diaz's dress but could the woman do something with her hair? How hard can it be do have it done instead of a messy casual pony-tail?

Cate Blanchett who wears the most stunning maternity gowns ever on the red carpet. Although I hope she flew by private plane since she's like 7 months pregnant. When do the airlines suggest that you stop flying when you're preggers? 8 months?

Heidi Klum aka Mrs. Seal looking totally glamorous in a red dress, not designed by Michael Kors.

Penelope Cruz, looking stunning a dress designed for her by Karl Lagerfeld. I noticed that she didn't show up with Javier Bardem, so they must be keeping the relationship under wraps.

And finally Best Actress Marion Cotillard. I loved this dress personally. I thought the whole mermaid thing was gorgeous and not overdone.

So what did you think of the Oscars? And which were the best and the worst dresses of the night?



Amanda McCabe said...

I have so much fun running down the list of Oscar gowns every year! :)

Likes (not as many as usual):
Penelope Cruz
Anne Hathaway
Amy Adams
Cate Blanchett

Daniel Day Lewis's wife
Ellen Page (the girl is like 20--she could have worn something besides a shapeless black sack!)
Jennifer Hudson
Julie Christie (those weird sheer sleeves, and the frumpy length)
Diablo Cody and her "me Jane" getup

Not sure yet:
Marion Cotillard (I think I liked it, but maybe I expected too much since she's French)
Cameron Diaz (liked the color, hated the back)
Renee Zellweger (it's pretty, but she shows up at every event in practically the same strapless dress)

Should hate but don't really mind:
Tilda Swinton (it was ugly, sure, and if anyone else showed up in it I would HATE it! But she's Tilda Swinton, and strikes me as probably one of the coolest people on the planet!)

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I agree with you about Rebecca Miller (aka Mrs. Daniel Day-Lewis). Seriously how hard is it to look nice when your talented hubby wins a second oscar. She wore Zebra print shoes with the dress! Ellen Page is so pretty but the black dress looked like a sack. The girl from Atonement looked better than she did. Jennifer Hudson's dress made her boobs look like one big boob.

Oh and with the men, I think John Travolta was wearing more make-up than Kelly Preston. Johnny Depp of course looked handsome as ever.

Kwana said...

Nice recap Elizabeth. I blogged about it today too. Oscars all over! I liked Renee's dress, but not her in it. It was wearing her not the other way around. I thought Marion Cotillard was beautiful, but wasn't a fan of her dress. But her charm won me over!
DDL wife. Ugh. Tilda Ugh. Why?
Ellen Page. That young and beautiful she should have rocked it. Oh well. Maybe she'll grow into her stardom.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Everyone looked so beautiful and well put together that you sort of applauded Tilda for looking so bad. At least she stood out! I also thought Rebecca Miller's dress was weird, and Ellen Page is too pretty and young to have worn such a boring dress. It's sad when Miley Cyrus who is 15 looks more polished than an Oscar nominated actress.