Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stupid Celebrity Feuds

I didn't watch the Grammy's on Sunday because I was too busy weeping over Extreme Makeover Home Edition at work (an Iraqi war veteran with 4 kids and 1 leg got a new house after his wife left him With the 4 kids. What do you want to bet she comes back now that he has a pimped out new house?). So imagine my surprise to learn that Miss Natalie Cole was dissing Amy Winehouse after the awards, saying Amy winning 5 awards sends the wrong message.

What message would that be? If you are talented, you might win awards? Oh, because Amy is in rehab? Like Natalie Cole hasn't seen the inside of a rehab facility in her career. Last time, I looked being drug free wasn't a criteria for a Grammy nomination. If that were true, 90% of the musicians working couldn't get a nomination.

I just find a little 'the pot calling the kettle black' for her to be all up in arms about Amy Winehouse. Isn't this the woman, who made her comeback singing duets with her dead father? Amy Winehouse won her Grammy's because her album is phenomenal. I don't care if she came on stage with a crack pipe, she deserved those awards.

Is it just me or does anyone get the feeling that celebrities talk shit just to get their name in the paper? Aretha Franklin sent out a letter complaining that Beyonce introduced Tina Turner as the Queen, since AF is the Queen of Soul. Seriously? You're upset about that?

And don't get me started on Speidi complaining that people bitched about their $1.95 music video. If you are going to put it out there, expect to get bricks thrown at you. And stop making comments about Lauren Conrad, it's so boring! The only reason that Heidi Montag has any kind of career is because she roomed with LC on The Hills.


acaligurl said...

great post! spot on. aretha franklin is behaving like a big baby. shame on natalie cole. and i am a lauren fan all the way. did you see heidi's video? what a joke.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I think people start drama just for publicity purposes and its so stupid. I'm also a Lauren fan. I think she's been incredibly classy through the whole Speidi drama.