Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Bag A Prince

Newsweek magazine recently published an article called 'Invasion of the Harry Hunters' about young American women who have set out to capture Prince Harry's heart, hoping to become Princess Henry or whatever dukedom the Queen sees fit to give him.   The article details the lengths that these women are going to, hanging out in his favorite bars, reading gossip blogs, magazines like Royalty Monthly and Majesty like they are prepping for their final exams. The Brits have even given them a nickname, calling them the 'Throne Rangers.'  While I hate to rain on anyone's parade or make light of someone's dreams, I have to ask myself if this is really likely to work?

Think about it for a second, out of all the women who sent off applications to St. Andrew's, hoping to capture Prince William, who did he eventually end up with? A young woman who had the same major as he did, and who just happened to end up living in the same residence hall. Kate Middleton didn't set out to capture Prince William, it just happened. When Prince Frederik of Denmark met his future wife Mary Donaldson in a pub in Sydney during the Olympics, she didn't even know who he was. Neither did Crown Princess Maxima when she met Crown Prince Willem-Alexander in Spain.

And let's not forget that Chelsy Davy is still in the picture and she has a long history with Harry. He doesn't seem ready to let go of her yet. I have a feeling that Harry probably has quite the bullsh*t detector, he can probably smell these young women a mile off, as can his friends.  One of the women in the article is actually rather smart, she's decided that if she can't bag a royal prince, she might as well bag a peer of the realm, and at least have a chance at being invited to the next royal wedding! A stately pile and family jewels is just as good as being a princess in Britain, and you don't have the pesky paparazzi following your every move.

But if one is determined to bag Prince Harry, instead of hanging out in his favorite bars, why not get involved with the charities that he supports? This way one is killing two birds with one stone, you are showing Harry that you care about the things that he does, as well as actually doing something productive as well as Princess-like.  Check out Princess Palace for other ways to bag a royal husband.

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