Thursday, February 10, 2005

Awesomely Bad Taste

Okay, last night I watched the latest episode of Project Runway, which was really tough because Alias had a super interesting episode involving vampires and drugs. Since I was flipping back and forth between Bravo and ABC, I couldn't quite get the gist, but I'm gathering that some kind of drug called Nocturne was letting people stay up all night with energy but it made them paranoid, and have the urge to bite people on the neck which then transmitted the drug to the next person. Sounds kind of weird, but it does give a contemporary new twist to the age ole Vampire story.

Anyway, back to Project Runway, and Wendy Pepper must go away. The challenge was to create an outfit for Nancy O'Dell from Access Hollywood for the Grammy's on Sunday. Easy challenge right? Wrong! The other 3 designers must have been tired from working so hard, and winning challenges because some how Wendy Pepper, the future head designer for the Kathie Lee Gifford collection won the challenge!

I couldnt' believe it. Kara Saun's dress was gorgeous but she had to muck it up by adding a pair of pants that were so unnecessary and unbelievably unflattering. I don't know what it with people and wide-legged pants, but I personally think they're ugly and make you look like you're wearing culottes.

Jay's dress was a mish-mash of styles that didn't complement each other. If the top and the bottom had matched it would have been one thing, but they were two different conflicting styles. Austin's dress was gorgeous, but deemed too glam for the Grammy's. Both Michael Kors, the woman from Elle Magazine and Heidi Klum all hated Wendy's dress which looked to me like it was unfinished and made out of cheap fabric but Nancy O'Dell picked it which meant that Austin lost and Wendy Pepper is in the final three!

WTF? I know that Austin's unwillingness to bend from his vision of Glamour led to his demise. The boy is going to have to learn to compromise, or realize that he's only going to be doing couture by appointment for the few people that can afford his clothes. When you're designing for the masses you have to make concessions to what people want, not just what you want to give them. I don't think Austin gets that. He needs to learn French, move to France for a few years to study, get an apprenticeship with a designer that still does couture and learn. Doing it on his own is not going to benefit him.

Another note, Prince Charles is getting married to Camilla Parker-Bowles. Mazel Tov!

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