Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Welcome to the Lady Novelist

Welcome to my new blog as I sit here eating my expensive New York lunch from Dishes. Here you'll find my adventures as an aspiring writer, and hopefully tales of dating when you're newly forty, as well as being the President of the New York City Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Whew that's a lot of information!

Occasionally there may be rants about the state of General Hospital and my favorite primetime TV shows. Desperate Housewives rule!

Warning, rampant Anglophilia can be found on this blog!

Occasionally I may post insights from my alter ego, Caroline de Winter, author of several romance novels including her latest The Rebel Duke. Right now, Caroline is in Cornwall, England researching her latest romance novel, and out of her depth.

My goals for this year are:

1) Not to drive my board crazy with too many changes to RWA/NYC
2) Try to have some semblance of a social life, possibly even a boyfriend
3) Find time to work out another day during the weekend besides twice a week
4) Write three new manuscripts, while revising two others
5) Find an agent who gets me (Top 5 List of agents, Paige Wheeler, Jessica Faust, Nancy Coffey, Nancy Yost, Rachel Vater)
6) Getting the call, i.e. publishing contract!
7) Finally get over the schadenfreude/animosity I feel towards published ex-best friend.

I'm nothing if not ambitious for 2005. Notice there is nothing this list about paying off my debts or getting a permanent job. Why? Well for one thing, I'm fairly ambivalent about the job thing, and two, my travel plans take priority over the whole debt thing.

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