Friday, February 25, 2005

The Writing Life, Volume Trois

I haven't blogged in a few days. Monday was a holiday, and I've been having a hard time getting started this week, although I've managed to write 26 pages in the past three days. I'm hoping to write the remaining eight for the week which will take me to page 260, leaving 140 pages until I finish the book. 140 divided by 7 days a week divided by 3 weeks? I should hopefully finish the book by the second or third week of March. Which means that I've written the first draft in roughly two months. Not bad for a 100,000 word novel. The second draft should also take me 2-3 months.

I had a Tarot card reading last night, and actually got some good ideas from Joe, my reader. I had gone to find out whether or not I was making the right decision turning down a job offer at MS. I've been ambivalent about taking the job for many reasons, the biggest being that one of the guys in the group is one of the biggest assholes on the planet. I'm 40, and frankly I would like the rest of my life to be a little less stressful than having to deal with a jerk who feels entitled to my time 24/7 just because I'm his assistant.

I've also been fighting off a really bad cold for the past few weeks, and it's caught up to me. Rest and relaxation are on call for the weekend. I plan on skipping body sculpting for a yoga class at home, which will be more soothing to my tired weary joints.

Anyway, Joe's suggestions were that I have at some point, my character possessed by the ghost, which I think would be cool. I might have her act a little outrageously at times, developing a taste for rum and using a french accent at times. It might take the book to another level. He doesn't think the book will make the bestseller lists but if it sells out it's print run, I'll be happy.

As I said before I have several other chick-lit paranormals that I want to write in various locations, New Orleans, Scotland, New York to mention just a few. I have to run to the library today to pick up some videos for research. Plus I have to read up on smuggling. I might have the information about smuggling revealed by the historian at the Museum.

I also still think letters should be found. And I have my villain for the book, a customs official or soldier that is courting Verity. Richard St. Merion will basically bribe him to marry Verity in exchange for looking the other way while the smuggling goes on.

Looking forward to our workshop next week. Kathleen O'Reilly, one of our members is giving a workshop on creating characters.

One of the things that I want to do is make sure that the relationship in my book is believable as a love relationship, despite the conflicts. I really want the reader to feel that Caroline and Philip belong together. I think that's really going to be the hardest part of the book.

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