Monday, February 14, 2005

Griping about the Grammy's

I settled down in front of the TV last night to watch the Grammy's and what did I find? Not much in the way of actual awards. Apparently the grammy's have grown so bloated with categories that 90% of the awards are given out the night before and only about 10 awards are given out during the live telecast. Which means that what you end of getting are many, many performances, and a scroll on the bottom of your screen that tells you who won the other categories but it goes by so fast that you have to speed read in order to know who won what.

Not that the performances weren't bad. Watching a now bald Melissa Etheridge bring down the house channeling Janis Joplin was worth missing parts of Desperate Housewives. I know that she's a little too old to be playing Janis Joplin, but no actress, not even Renee Zwellweger can play Janis but Melissa Etheridge, and let's face it with the amount of booze and alcohol that she consumed, Janis looked alot older than she really was. So producers out there who are planning a movie on Janis' life, hire Melissa Etheridge!

Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony's duet was pretty bad. The set and the way it was staged made it look like something out of a Spanish soap opera. Oy! And La Lopez was flat through most of it, and off-key through the rest, although her Spanish is pretty good for someone who didn't grow up speaking the language.

Kanye West tore up the house with Jesus Walks, the first rap/gospel song I've ever heard but the tribute to Southern rock was pretty bad. Did we need to hear Free Bird? What about an Allman Brother's son or getting Chris Robinson and his band up there. Aren't the imodiment of Southern rock? Even Kid Rock or Uncle Kracker would have been better than Tim McGraw and Gretchen Wilson. Where was Charlie Daniels when you need him?

I tuned out after the tuneless, toothless version of the Beatles song for Tsunami Relief. Is it just me, or was anyone else concerned that Brian Wilson looked so lost that they were afraid he'd wander off somewhere?

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