Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why I dislike Jen Schefft, the Bachelorette

Well, I just watched the three hours of hell known as The Bachelorette season finale and After the final rose special. I don't ask much from my reality TV series, other than at least to be entertained and to know that the participants aren't playing me, the viewer, for a fool.

In this case, Jen Schefft, played the entire ABC viewing audience as a fool. I had reservations when I heard that she was going to be The Bachelorette. It seemed strange that she would go on another reality TV dating show so soon after breaking up with the fiancee that she met on a reality dating show. I should have been suspicious when I heard that she had dated Bill Rancic after Andrew.

It appears that our little Jen got quite the taste of being in the spotlight and wanted to continue her fifteen minutes of fame, but without the baggage of a fiance with a well-known name, so she signed herself up for the Bachelorette.

From the beginning, Jen didn't seem to be into any of the men on the show, apart from Jerry. Still even when she was kissing Jerry, her heart didn't seem to be really into it. Several times, I noticed that she turned her head away rather than let Jerry kiss her on the lips. If you are really into a guy, you don't do that.

Her advertised meltdown seemed to be more about the fact, that she had to choose a guy, when she didn't really want to. The fact that her friends told her that JP was in love with her, but Jerry wasn't should have been a clue. For the record, I thought that what Jerry said, about not wanting to tell them that he was in love with Jen before he told her was great. Why should he tell her friends? He must have known that they were going to report right back to Jen. How high school is to have your girl friends tell you that a guy is in love with you?

Even when Jerry showed up for the final rose ceremony, she didn't seem all that excited. Why even let these guys propose, if she knew that she wasn't going to say yes to anybody?

Note: how many people noticed that JP picked out the exact same ring as Jen?

Then the fiasco of After the Final Rose, when she told Jerry she just wanted to be friends. I'm gathering that neither Chris Harrison or the producers knew that this was coming, despite all the rumors in the papers and on the internet that Jen and her pick were kaput.

I hated seeing Jerry have to sit there with ring, and get dumped on national television, whether he knew before or not, just because he signed a contract. No one, man or woman, should have to be put through that. And then, Jen didn't give a coherent explanation for why it didn't work out.

It was a painful half-hour for all concerned. All the hype about Jen being America's sweetheart. Who decided that? I would have rather seen Trish, America's whore from Bachelor 5, or Kristen from Bachelor 3 then Jen. She had her chance, blew it with Andrew, she shouldn't have been asked to do the show. Estella would have been a better choice. People felt for the way Bob treated her.

I wonder if this was a ploy to get Andrew back or for a TV career. Either way, it sucked.

As for me, I'm done with both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. The previews for the Charlie O'Connell version, look like Bob Guiney Vol. 2. I'll pass.

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