Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hands on New Orleans

Okay, my God! I had the winning bid on eBay to have Abby Zidle, Senior Editor of Pocket Books read the first 30 pages of my manuscript. I had no idea that I would ever have the winning bid. At first it kind of freaked me out but Hands on New Orleans is such a good cause. Now I just have to decide which manuscript to have her read. The YA or my Chick-Lit novel. I'm thinking the YA. I'm kind of psyched about it. I've met Abby a few times at events and she always has amazing shoes.

Oh, and I just bought my ticket to London! I'm definitely going now. Airfare wasn't bad. I have to fly into Gatwick, which is like the worst airport, at least it was last year since they were doing so much construction. But the airfare was cheaper because everyone flies into Heathrow.

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