Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Dumbledore is Gay!

Unless you've been living under a huge meteor, the news came out last week via J.K. Rowling that Dumbledore is gay, and that he was in love with an old schoolmate. Can I just say right here that I don't care? Seriously why was this big news? Meg Cabot announced on her blog that she knew it all along. I must have been missing something when I read all 7 books because frankly it never occurred to me to question Dumbledore's sexuality or indeed any of the adults in the books. Why? Because it had nothing to do with the story!

Really, what would be the point on speculating how many times a week Mr. & Mrs. Weasley get up to it? Or whether or not Hagrid will ever find a woman? Or what the deal is with Professor McGonagle. Or we to suspect that she and Professor Trelawney were life partners? I guess the reason that I never figured out the whole 'Dumbledore is gay' angle is because Harry didn't. If he didn't care through out all 7 books what Dumbledore got up to in his spare time, then why should I are?

And Harry was pretty busy throughout the books, what with trying to keep himself from being killed by Voltemort and basically saving the wizarding world from evil. Not to mention the Muggles. And studying for his exams, and learning potions, and hanging out with Hermione and Ron.

My only concern about J.K. Rowlings revelation is that this just gives the haters out there one more reason to ban the book from schools and libraries. I can just seem them accusing Dumbledore of being a pedophile (he did spent lots of time alone with Harry in his office), and of promoting anti-family values and alternative lifestyles.

Does anyone else out there care or knew that Dumbledore was gay?


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