Friday, October 19, 2007

Oooh My Head!

The PMS dwarfs and the Hangover Fairy decided to come over to my house to party, so this is going to be an extremely short post.

I'm feeling a little fragile after heading down to the Happy Ending Lounge on the LES last night along with Megan Frampton to hear Jane Lockwood and Colette Gale read excerpts from their recent works. It was all part of the "Virgin Reading" series that they do the the third Thursday of the month. Virgin meaning have never read their work in public before. Oh, and all the readings were erotic!

I'd met Jane at the NJRW conference and I'd very briefly met Colette in her other guise as Colleen Gleason last year in Atlanta, so I was really looking forward to getting out and having fun. And I did. A little too much fun if you want to know the truth. Vodka and I don't really mix all that well.

The readings ran from the sublime to the ridiculous, the sublime being Colette and Jane. The first reading by the woman who hosted the series wasn't bad, but it made me for the mental, emotional and physical health of the protagonist who was promiscuous in the extreme. The second reading we hit the ridiculous. I have no idea really what this one was about. Something to do with a drug deal maybe and the protagonist cheating her boyfriend with someone named Lynx.

I kind of had a hard time concentrating because the grammar was so atrocious in the piece whe was reading. I'm not sure if that was a character choice but it kind of took me out of things when she used the word 'spellbounded.'

I enjoyed the two pieces by the men which were more comical and completely different from each other. One way a gay version of James Bond called James Blond which featured clever play on names, and the second was about a couple who have sex in the monkey house at the zoo, literally in with the monkeys.
And then we had the lovely Jane and Colette. Colette's book is an erotic version of Phantom of the Opera which is why I have this lovely picture of Gerard Butler as the Phantom called Unmasqued: An Erotic Novel of The Phantom of the Opera.

Both pieces made me realize that I'm more of an erotic romance type of girl and not really one for straight erotica. I like a little emotion and plot with my sex, which Jane and Colette have in spades. I have a lovely signed copy of Colette's book to give away in November for our monthly raffle. Every month we raffle off a basket and November's theme is France, because Marie Antoinette and I share a birthday.
Afterwards we took the train to the village and had cheese fries and conversation until the witching hour.
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MaryF said...

Collette and Jane are both in the Wet Noodle Posse, so I'm tickled you enjoyed their readings! I am not brave enough to crack those spines yet ;)

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

They're both very naughty, naughty books.