Saturday, October 06, 2007

Stolen Identity

So here I am at the New Jersey conference having a good time, spending quality time with my friends, when I discover that someone has stolen my hotmail account and used it to send bogus emails to my friends and now I can't even use my hotmail account anymore because of it. I've been blocked out.

Can you believe that? First of all the email was so ridiculous it wasn't even funny. The premise was that I was somehow stuck in Africa doing relief work, and I needed money to either get out of Africa or to continue to do my work with HIV/AIDS patients. So not only have they stolen my email account, but they're using the plight of ill people to try and scam money from them. This really pisses me off.

Not only because now I have to close my account but all of my friends's emails have been stilen by someone. Mercury in retrograde doesn't start until the 12th and it's already kicking my ass.

Has anyone else had their email addresses stolen by someone trying to scam money?



MaryF said...

How awful, Elizabeth! Yeesh, the nerve of some people!

Anonymous said...

When my apartment got broken into that was exactly what I feared. Luckily, my identity wasn't stolen, as far as I know. But it was enough for me to withdrawl from teh Internet for a while. Be sure to check you credit report to make sure they aren't taking out credit cards in your name or anything. so many of these damn scamsters out there.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

It just sucks that I now can't use my hotmail acccount. It was the first email account I ever had back in the dinosaur days of the Internet.