Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Prince Charles

Happy 60th Birthday to Prince Charles.

From Hello! Magazine:

In a regal yet relaxed pose and wearing the ceremonial uniform of the Welsh Guards, Prince Charles appears to be a man finally at peace with himself in the official image marking his 60th birthday on November 14. The portrait is by society photographer Hugo Burnand who favours an "approachable feel" to portraits so "you are almost talking to the person".

It's not the first time Hugo has worked with the royals – he took a portrait of the Duchess of Cornwall five years ago and photographed their wedding. Charles' marriage to Camilla, friends say, is central to his state of mind. Also key is the acceptance of many of the Prince's convictions into mainstream thinking: the environment, organic farming and opportunities for young people are all top of UK society's current concerns.

"He is a happy man, far happier than anyone has seen him for many, many years," an insider told the Daily Mail. "For most people reaching 60 is a time for reflection and is, more often than not, a time for regret over things not yet achieved."

"For the Prince it is the complete opposite. He feels that at long last people are finally starting to get him."


Kwana said...

Happy Birthday Prince Charles. Boy, he seems like an ,old soul, Hmm. My, lots of birthdays this week.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Yup, lots of little Scorpio celebrities celebrating their birth.