Thursday, November 20, 2008

I iz Tired Today

Is this week over yet? Seriously it feels like it's been going on forever. I have so much stuff to watch on my DVR, it's not even funny. Top Model, Top Chef, Monarchy, Real Housewives of Atlanta are all waiting for me as we speak. I'm also pretty broke until my next pay day, so I'm hoping that I can convince some guys on Saturday night to buy me some drinks at the Dances of Vice party I'm going to.

I went to see Frank Langella in A Man for all Seasons last night at the Roundabout and now I'm bummed out this morning because I found out I could have saved $30 on my subscrption since JPMorgan has a deal. I'm wondering if I could get that retroactive. Oh, and how was the play? Well it was a lot of talking, and talking, and talking. And the theater was freezing. It's not good when you have to keep your coat on during the performance. I shouldn't have had that Henry VIII drink during the intermission because it made me sleepy. I will however say that Mr. Langella didn't disappoint on the acting front.

But there was something that bothered me. I ran into an someone who I had invited to my birthday party a week ago. She's not really a close friend, she's more like an acquaintance. We worked together at my night job, and we've seen each other at parties over the years (she's a good friend of a friend of mine). So last night, during the intermission I went to get my drink, and she and her friend stood right next to me at the bar and proceeded to chat away and ignore me. Now fine, I get that she wanted to chat with her friend, but don't stand right next to me, and not include me in the conversation. Go stand somewhere else. I thought that was totally rude and uncalled for, since I had made a point of going over and chatting with them while they were waiting on line.

Am I crazy that I thought that was rude?


Amanda McCabe said...

No, that sounds VERY rude to me! I always wonder what people are thinking when they behave like that...

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Thanks Amanda for saying that. I was wondering if I was going crazy. I couldn't believe it. Since she had her back to me, I couldn't really join in the conversation without walking around her. I don't know why she did that if she didn't want me horning on the conversation. They could have talked anywhere, and it wasn't as if she didn't see me standing there.