Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome the PMS Dwarves

Well, the PMS Dwarves arrived at my house last Friday and unfortunately the little gnomes are here until the end of the week. Bitchy arrived first, along with psycho on Friday, and came along for drinks after Quantum Solace. Then Sleepy and Bloated arrived on Saturday with a huge bag of bagels. Forgetful and Sweaty finally arrived on Sunday and yesterday Itchy came along.

To keep them occupied, I took out the first season of 30 Rock from the library and sat them down in front of the TV set the past two days. I thought if Tina Fey can't make them laugh, I'm out of luck. They're already eating everything in sight, including a huge bag of soft baked Pepperidge Farm cookies. Fortunately, they've been riveted by the show. I sat down with them, just to get them to stop fighting amongst themselves, and I have to say that I'm really enjoying it. How have I missed this delightful show?

For anyone who has been under a rock, 30 Rock is the fictitious goings on behind a TV show sort of like Saturday Night Live called The Girlie Show that Tina Fey as Liz Lemon serves as the headwriter. The writers are a motley crew of guys with one lone woman who seems not to have a name. Tracy Matthews plays Tracy Jordan the Martin Lawrence/Eddie Murphyesque star of the show and Jane Krawkowski plays the female star who gets pushed aside when Tracy joins the show. But what I'm intrigued by is Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy head of primetime and microwave programming. He's hilarious, the episode where he was dating Condoleeza Rice (although they never said her name) was too funny.

The show is not bust a gut funny, but it is so enjoyable because the laughs come from the situations and the characters. As the show continues and the characters become more familiar, the funnier the show gets from Liz dating Dennis, the only guy still selling beepers in New York, to the hot guy at MSNBC who turns out to be her cousin. Even Jenna has become more than just a blonde bimbo.

So, the PMS Dwarves and I will be spending the rest of the week, ensconced in front of the boob tube, finishing out the rest of the 24 episodes of Season 1. I'm afraid that they've promised to come back in a few weeks to watch Season 2. I may have to change the locks.

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