Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

I had planned on blogging today on how writers find their ideas. I'd watched a news story about an 80 year old woman who had been charged with being a madam. She said that she needed to supplement her social security checks. All sorts of stories could come out of this one news item, depending on what you're writing.

However, I'm a little bummed out, not to mention freaked out. They say things come in threes, so I'm just hoping that what happened this morning is the last of it. What happened? Well, I got up to go to the bathroom this morning, and when I came back to my bedroom, a huge chunk of my bedroom ceiling was covering my bed, not to mention the floor. No warning whatsoever. I hadn't even noticed that there were cracks in the ceiling (this is what I get for not sleeping on my back). I had heard rumbling sounds this morning, but I never expected my ceiling to fall down.

I had to leave my keys with the super, so that he could get in to clean up the rubble and debris. He mentioned that my whole ceiling might have to be replaced. The question is, who is going to pay for it? Me or the corporation? (I live in a co-op).

So instead, I'm going to try and think like the Monty Python song about 'the bright side of life' and count my blessings.

1. It's a sun shiney day.
2. The rest of my apartment hasn't fallen apart
3. I have my health (knock wood)
4. It's a sun shiney day
5. I'm wearing my new fuschia strappy sandals that are like butter, and they look awesome next to my hot pink toenail polish
6. It's a sun shiney day
7. I still have some Prosecco left in the refrigerator
8. It's a sun shiney day
9. I have good friends
10. It's a sun shiney day.

So, don't cry for me Argentina! I will survive! And stuff like that there. And I've included a picture of the luscious Hugh Jackman or Huge Jackman as I'm told he should be called. I had the privilege of seeing him shake his maracas among other things in The Boy from Oz last year.

Mamma Mia!


Anonymous said...

(((((Elizabeth))))) Hope you get a spate of good news soon!

MHGibson said...

Big hugs, E! And ROFLMAO on the Granny hookin' for extra scratch. That story has legs, baby!!!

= )