Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Heat Is On!

Good lord, it's a scorcher here today in NYC! I'm sitting here writing this drenched in sweat!

Things are looking up this morning after yesterday's debacle. I'll spare the details, but my bedroom is now reasonably clean. I just need to buy one of those handy-dandy Swiffer things, and I'm on my way.

Learned a few things about blogger etiquette as well. I generally tend to write about my life, and what's happening in it, as well as my writing life. Well, I just found out that not everyone is going to be happy that they are included. So in the name of sensitivity and friendship, I have deleted most of the references to him that were on the blog. Apparently, he took offense to some of the things that I had to say, although they were meant to be complimentary.

I'm reading some non-fiction right now. One of the things about reading fiction while you're writing is that I have a tendency to get a little depressed if I read something that I think is absolutely amazing. I start to think what's the point of writing? I'll never be as good as this person. Negative thinking, it's a bitch. Then there is the flip side of the coin, the evil twin side, who when I read something that underwhelms me (IN MY OPINION), I have a tendency to think who did they get published and not me, and then we're on to pity party, table for one.

With non-fiction, there is none of that since I don't write non-fiction. I can appreciate it for what it is.

I'm back in the saddle in terms of writing. Wrote 8 pages yesterday long-hand, in a notebook which I'm carrying with me now to all assignments. No more using the computer at work for pesonal use. I've learned my lesson.

Read my horoscope yesterday. Funny how when things are going great, I never read them, but once things go down the crapper, I couldn't wait to find out if the month of June was going to get better. So I surfed on over to Astrology Zone to read the Scorpio and Libra June horoscopes. Susan Miller, the astrologer over at Astrology Zone recommends that you read both your sun sign and your rising sign to get a fuller picture. Since I'm a Scorpio with Libra rising, and my moon and venus also in Libra, I'm a very Venusian Scorpio.

According to the June Libra horoscope, everything should be coming up roses, and Scorpio things need a little work on the financial front. So, I guess I'll be fine!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are looking up :)

Kelly Parra said...

Glad you're back to writing! And yes, when I read awesome books, I think the same thing. =)