Friday, June 03, 2005

Naughty or Nice?

What I'm reading now. Maybe Baby by Lani Diane Rich was the perfect antidote to a crappy day. This book is hysterical but what makes it so great, is how unique it is. This book could only have come out of Lani's imagination. No one else could have written this book or even probably have come up with the idea. I know I certainly couldn't have.

Just finished reading the new RT, which had an article on Nice Girls. Now I've always thought of myself as a nice girl. I've even been called sweet and nice by other people, particularly guys. When I was young, my mother always told me that it didn't matter how pretty you were, if you didn't have pretty ways (My mother was from the south where they actually say things like that). So I've always endeavored to be nice, but lately I've begun to wonder if I'm really all that nice after all.

I mean would a nice girl have stood on stage laughing her ass off as her fellow actors costume fell off? Would a nice girl have argued with a little old lady, who accused her of stealing her blush? Would a nice girl have done the happy dance when her ex-best friend got a really bad review? Would a nice girl laugh her ass off while watching people make fools of themselves on reality TV?

Just last week, my a friend told me a story of having dinner at the penthouse flat of this insanely rich guy that he knows in London, over looking the Thames. Rich dude has a valet or man who's sole job is to look after the flat while Rich dude is in Chicago (which is his primary residence), and drive his cars. At dinner, Rich dude asked his valet to tell a story about his recent encounter with a guy riding his bicycle. Apparently, this guy was pedaling fast enough and he cut Vince off in the Porsche. They had a collision. Bicycle guy tried to argue with tough guy. Tough guy picked up the bike and threw it into the Thames, and told the guy that if he didn't shut up, he could join him.

Now it's clear that this guy has some anger management issues, and that's he's a bit rough around the edges. Any sane woman would say that's horrible or wha'ts wrong with this guy. But not me. So what did I ask after my friend told me this story?

"Is he single?"

WTF? Would a nice girl do that? Clearly, I've been single so long that I've lost my mind. I've never been interested in bad boys before, and I start now at 40? FYI- Vince is dating a concert violinist! And rich dude apparently owns 2 of the worlds rarest Stradivarius violins. Do I smell Bombshell?

So I ask, am I a nice girl, or do I have a secret dark side? Most of my heroines so far have been nice girls. Obviously I need to start exploring my naughty side more in my writing.

So, are you more naughty or nice?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, but I believe that quiz said you were secretly evil }:)

Lani said...

If you read the article, you already know I think nice is overrated. You're the perfect blend of nice and not-nice. People who are always nice are boring, and you are definitely not that. That's why I dig you so much!


P.S. Thanks for liking my book! I was terrified it would be hated by all, so it's great to see your wonderful comments! But that doesn't make you nice! So don't worry!

Kelly Parra said...

Omigosh, what a great story...if I weren't hitched I would have asked the same thing. =)