Friday, June 17, 2005

Bachelor Beefcake Bonanza

It's Friday, which means that it must be beefcake day. Not that everyday doesn't somehow turn out to be beefcake day here at The Lady Novelist. But today is special, because People magazine released it's 50 top bachelors this week. I love this issue, because as we know I'm single and looking for a good man, and now I have 50 men to look at. Of course, I try to stay away from the actors (Been there, done that, have the T-shirt), and focus on the single men who have actually have jobs where they dont' play other people.

The only thing wrong with this issue, is there aren't any addresses or phone numbers, so how am I supposed to start stalking these guys? (Just kidding!)

I think the best part of this issue was the section called Going to Extremes for Love. You have a guy who was making a documentary about going on blind dates in all 50 states until he ran out of money after date 12, a guy who started a National Dinner with Marc tour chronicled on his website I need to stop

Another guy si offering $10,000 to anyone who can find him a wife. I'm serious. His name is Rod Barnett and he lives in St.Louis. He actually has a website called 10K4awife. Can you believe it? I was thinking that I should try to hook him up with my friend Natalie. If he proposes to her, we could then split the ten grand!

But the best is this 64 year old guy named Richard Roe who is planning on taking potential soul-mates on all expenses paid trips to Africa, the Amazon and Tahiti. His website is Senior Bachelor. He's asking for a photo and a 3 minute video detailing why you should b echosen to go on a trip with him. Clearly I'm going about this dating thing all wrong. I should set up my own website to get people to date me. I can call it the Anglophile, and invite Brits from all over the world to write in for a chance to date me.

And now for the beefcake. This is Bradley Cooper, who was on Alias and is now going to be playing a character based on Anthony Bourdain, the Executive Chef at Les Halles in Kitchen Confidential on Fox.

Not bad huh? Now this is the real Anthony Bourdain.

A little bit of artistic license wouldn't you say? Apparently at one point Brad Pitt was supposed to play him in the movie. I read in New York Magazine, that Bourdain's current girlfriend Paula Froelich from Page Six of the New York Post auditioned to play his girlfriend in the show, but sadly didn't get the part.

Is it wrong that I think less of Anthony Bourdain, now that I know he dates Paula Froelich?


Anonymous said...

I think Richard Roe was on Oprah talking about his search for a travelling companion. I liked Bradley Cooper as Will on Alias. They should bring his character back.

J.F. Cossey said...

Isn't artistic license GREAT?? hahahaha I don't even know who Paula Froelich is, but I trust you. :) And here I thought I was up on all the gossip!

MHGibson said...

WOW...had no idea such a show was coming out. Resembles nothing about the book...but then guess it doesn't matter. I'm actually surprised, considering Bourdain's personality, that he agreed to this. But I guess selling rights is selling rights and thems the chances you take, eh?

Where would I know Paula Froelich from?

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Paula Froelich writes for Page Six along with Richard Johnson. She's also a talking head on VH-1, and Entertainment Tonight. Tall, skinny, bitch. She's also written a new book on celebrity.

Pretty funny about Bourdain, considering that he takes Emeril and Bobby Flambay to task in Kitchen Confidential for selling out.

National Dinner Tour said...

yes, people magazine really f'ed it up. My dinner tour isn't about finding a wife or romance, it is much richer than that. It's about good ol face to face conversation, interacting with strangers, things we've forgotten about. It is about community building and embracing our individuality.

I must say, it was nice of People to quote me in saying that it is "reality hacking," that is exactly what that was about - offering an alternative to that Hollywood crap.