Thursday, June 02, 2005

Oops, I did it again!

Isn't he gorgeous? That's Freddie Ljungberg, Calvin Klein model and soccer (or football as they like to call it in Europe)player for Arsenal in London, which I think is the team that Nick Hornby was obsessed with in Fever Pitch.

I was a little depressed, but seeing that picture just perked me right up!

Why am I depressed?

Well, I was let go from my temp job yesterday. And here's the kicker, my counselor didn't call to tell me until 9:30 last night. That's right 9:30. Not 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. which is when I get off work. Almost ten fricking o'clock. When I asked why he couldn't have told me while I was still at work, so that could gather my things, I was told that the company wanted it that way. Apparently, they've had a bad experience with a temp who freaked out when she got canned.

What makes it worse was that I was seven kinds of stupid, and didn't email the first 7 pages of my new novel home last night. My instinct said do it, but I thought no, I'll wait until the end of the week. I'm kicking myself now. My only consolation is that it was a first draft, and I can write something better.

Oh why was I canned? I have no freakin idea. My counselor doesn't either, just something about I wasn't company material. Hello, I've been working for investment banks for almost 20 years. I fit in anywhere. That's part of my acting training, and my experience. I know how to slip and be inconspicuous.

So, to pamper myself, and to perk me up, I went out and had sushi for lunch. Nothing like eating expensive raw fish to make you feel better. And then I watched GH. Nothing like a soap wedding, where the bride and groom are each getting married for the third and fifth time, and the bride wears white!

I should have known that the job wasn't going to last. I had a feeling when the HR chick called to say that one of the companies that I worked for couldn't verify my dates of employment, and did I have a paycheck stub from like 7 years ago lying around. When I called the company to find otu what was going on, I discovered that the HR Person hadn't checked the second listing of my name in teh computer.

Normally, I don't get too comfortable at these jobs, I don't bring personal stuff in like pictures or a mug, I don't settle in, but this time I started to relax my guard which apparently was my downfall. I even had to work until almost 6 on Friday before the Memorial weekend!

I started temping because it was the easiest way to work while I was pursuing an acting career, plus bouncing around at companies, has given me great background for my writing. But now it's getting old, and unless I'm making Jennifer Crusie or Jennifer Weiner money, I need a permanent gig.

Now, it's back to watching Chris Rock, and rewriting my first seven pages, because I'll be lucky if I even get the book I was reading that I left back.


Liz Maverick said...

That's just...sucky. I'm sorry. The part that irks me the most is how you had to work late on a holiday weekend...and they undoubtedly knew what they had in mind. Bastards. All of 'em. Well, nothing like sushi to cheer a person up, eh? Hey, if you haven't try the chopped tuna handroll with scallions, do so. Make sure they chop the tuna WITH the scallions. So very yum.

Megan Frampton said...


That stinks! I wish they had had the courtesy to let you gather your things. Good luck on finding something more suited to your smarts and stilettoes.


Anonymous said...

((((Elizabeth))))) Hopefully that means that something much better is on the way. Was it Courtney and Jax getting married on GH? Sending you good vibes with your story and that you find an incredible job that appreciates you!

MHGibson said...

Awww...sweetie. Screw those b@stards for treating you like that! And I'm sorry for the lost pages, but you'll get them back...even better. I'm glad you treated yourself to sushi and soap operas. A great recipe for the day! I'm with you in the unemploymet's hoping we can both float along to something successful.

Big hug!!!!
Marley = )