Thursday, June 09, 2005

To Blog or Not to Blog, that is the Question!

It's still scorching hot outside, and I'm glowing to beat the band (that's another one Momism. My mother always told me that ladies do not sweat, they glow).

Events over the past few days have left me wondering whether or not I should continue this blog. However, I've decided after much consideration to continue, but with a new attitude. I have a tendency to blog first, and then think later, and that's gotten me into some trouble. So from now on, I will continue to blog but only about non personal stuff.

Meaning no deep stuff from me. I'll blog about Reality TV, my soaps, my writing, internet quizzes, books I'm reading, dating (if indeed I ever have a date again!) but nothing heavy duty. So nothing about my temp jobs, my friends (unless I have their permission), and my personal travails.

So, that being said, there's my personal hottie of the day.

This is Ted King, who plays Lorenzo Alcazar, and the only reason I still watch this mysogynistic jerk fest on ABC. I used him as the look of one my characters. His story on GH is truly out of the pages of a late 70's early 80's bodice ripper.

Alpha Male kidnaps the beautiful pregnant wife of his enemy from the panic room where her husbands pyschotic half-brother was keeping her (intending to harvest her baby for his wife who lost hers, in teh meantime feeding wife birth control pills). While on Alpha Male's yacht, much sparring occurs masking the sexual tension between the two. Alpha Male reveals sensitive side while telling female his backstory (lost first love, so entered family criminal business instead of becoming history professor).

Beautiful wife returned to her family but cannot forget Alpha Male, while denying attraction. One dark and stormy night, alpha male helps deliver female's baby. Husband hears screams, comes in gun blazing, shooting Alpha Male, and inadvertently hitting female in head (single bullet theory). While in coma, beautiful wife dreams that she and Alpha Male are married nad having amazing sex. When she wakes cannot forget amazing sex. Etc.

I could swear that I read something like this back in the day.


Anonymous said...

Yes it does harken back but Alcazar is such a great character }:)

MHGibson said...

I hope you keep writing! I love reading your take on TV and New York and everything else...

Marley = )

none said...

OMG! I watch those three soaps on, let's see All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital.

Please don't tell anyone. ;>

Of course, I missed all week, being sick. Did Courtney get married? Giggling.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Yes, Courtney did get married to Jax. She looked beautiful and she wore white, which is hysterical when you consider this is her third wedding in something like 3 years since she's been on the show.