Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Most Awesome Dress Ever!

Oh my GAWD, is this not the most awesome dress ever? I have a love affair with cherries. I not only love to eat them (both black and rainier bing cherries), but I love any print that has cherries on them. Right now I have two pairs of flip-flops that have a cherry print.
So imagine by surprise when I just by chance plugged in 'dresses with cherries' into yahoo and up popped this gorgeous dress on Ebay.
They are custom made by a 26 year old you lives in Baltimore. Yes, custom made. You buy the dress and give your measurements, and she sends you the dress. And it is not expensive either. This dress retails for about $120.
Throw on a sweater, some strappy high heeled sandals and you are ready to go. Finding this dress totally makes up for the fact that the train stopped running this morning because of the monsoon we had here in New York. I had to pile on a bus which meant that I was 45 minutes late for work this morning.
Fortunately every one at work had the same problems, and since I live all the way uptown, I had no choice but to either take the bus or go home. Frankly, I was all for the going home option, but I soldiered, and I'm so glad that I did.
Pretty dress, come to mama!

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MaryF said...

Adorable! I can just see you in it!!!