Friday, August 24, 2007

Things I just don't understand

I'm not a huge Paris Hilton fan, but seriously, do people in the judicial system in LA hate Paris Hilton or what? Nicole Ritchie had her second DUI, and gets 82 minutes in jail (apparently the jail was overcrowded), and Lindsay Lohan, who is in rehab for the third time, gets 1 day for her second DUI. The girl had cocaine on her, twice! And she was charged with 7 misdemeanors.

Meanwhile Paris drives with a suspended license and gets 3 weeks in jail. Is it because Lindsay and Nicole pled guilty and took a plea bargain and Paris didn't?

I was feeling kind of sorry for Paris, until I got a look at her new clothing line. Seriously, she should be arrested by the fashion police for crimes against the general public for trying to foist this crap as designer clothing. I've seen better stuff by Massimo at Target.

There's some fugly yellow satin number, a hideous silver coat that no one in the 60's would have worn, and some other god awful stuff that for someone reason Kitson is actually selling. But this piece took the cake:

Would you want to have this on your chest?
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