Friday, August 10, 2007

Thank God It's Friday

Lot's of talk on the blogs about "Becoming Jane." So I thought I'd throw up a picture Mr. James McAvoy who plays Tom Lefroy. Unfortunately, he looks about 15 in this picture.
The weather is back to being lousy today, so I stayed in doors and actually got some work done on the novella. I hope to work on part of the love scene this weekend, before I submit it to the Brava Novella contest.
I'm really excited about entering. Since it's been a long time since I've written a romance, I've really taken my time with it, making sure that the motivations are clear, and that I build the relationship between the two main characters that's believable.
I've managed to cut about 20 pages out of the novella, anything extraneous had to go, which meant lots of interior monologues bit the dust. It's nice to know that I can actually write something in 85 pages. My writing is getting tighter with every book.
Once the novella is done, it's back to the next YA that I have in the pipeline, and possibly outlining another romance idea I had.
Tomorrow off to the beach for a spell since it's supposed to go back to being hot and steamy here in New York.
Have a great weekend!

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MaryF said...

Good luck in the contest!!!

Yow, he does look young there, doesn't he???