Saturday, March 01, 2008

Almost Fabulous by Michelle Radford

I'm pleased to pimp out author Michelle Radford today. Her first YA came out on Tuesday called Almost Fabulous. Michelle is not exactly a new author. Under her real name Michelle Cunnah, she's written 3 adorable chick-lit novels including the 32AA. Michelle was one of the first chick-lit authors that I met at the 2003 New York conference.

Here's the synopsis of Almost Fabulous:

Fiona Blount lives by one rule: Remain anonymous and nothing bad can happen to you. But these days, Fiona can't avoid the spotlight. Because crazy things just happen around her, and suddenly everyone's looking her way—including her London school's resident mean girl and Fiona's supersecret crush. As if growing up isn't already confusing, dealing with the fact that she now has the power of mind control is enough to push any fourteen-year-old girl over the edge! Could this newly discovered talent have anything to do with possibly locating her long-lost father? And will she be able to stop tripping her archenemy with her mind? Fiona might be a little clueless and a lot confused, but she's totally entertaining and way more than almost fabulous!

Almost two years, Michelle told Kwana and I that she had sold her first YA to Harper Teen and here it finally is. If you want a sneak peek at the first chapter, head on over to Michelle's website.


Laurie Likes Books said...

That's very cool for Michelle! And I love Chick Lit for Teens. Thanks for the 411.


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

It's a really neat book Laurie. I finished it this weekend. It looks like its going to be a series.