Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random Thoughts on a Rainy Wednesday

So our new governor, David Paterson, here in New York has just admitted that he and his wife cheated on each other over a two year period until they went into counseling and saved their marriage. Wow, and he hasn't even been governor for 2 days! See what Elliot Spitzer hath wrought. This poor man had to reveal personal stuff that he probably hadn't revealed to his parents just so no one could use the information in the future if it was found out.

What got me about this whole thing was that he took one of his girlfriends to a Days Inn. Now, I made a vow to myself that I would never have an affair with a married man, I don't care if he's seperated. If there are no divorce papers filed, I'm not dating you. But if I were so foolish as to fall for a married man, it would be over before it started if he took me to a Days Inn. Seriously, were the hotels in Chinatown that rent by the hour full? He had no friends whose apartments he could use? Couldn't spring for at least a boutique hotel up in Carnegie Hill?

Come on, if having an affair with a married man, didn't tell you that the relationship wasn't going anywhere, having him take you to a Days Inn should seal it.

And how did Rick Fox get a starring role in a movie opposite Angela Bassett? Was Morris Chestnut not available? LL Cool J, Boris Kodjoe, Jamie Foxx, Terence Howard, Ludacris? You know, people who can actually act. The only time I've seen him off the basketball court was a small role on Ugly Betty and he was barely adequate. Of course this is a Tyler Perry film, so my expectations shouldn't be high. If anyone has sat through an episode of Tyler Perry's House of Payne on TBS, you know what I'm talking about.

I did love Miss Kristi Yamaguchi last night on DWTS, and Marlee Matlin was awesome. However, please Priscilla Presley, promise that you will sue whatever plastic surgeon did that to you. You were a beautiful woman and no you look like that mask from Scary Movie. You did rock the fox-trot with Louis van Amstel, who seriously scares me. I can't decide if I want Shannon Elizabeth or Monica Seles to be voted off first. And Marissa Janet Winokur needs to tone down the happy pills that she must have borrowed from Paula Abdul!

Back to the WIP. I'm at the end of chapter 7 and its just not working for me. Ever have that great idea but in the execution, its a bit wonky? Lucky that is rainy and disgusting today to keep me inside working.


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Kwana said...

Check out my post Elizabeth. He wasn't even Gov a full day! Wild. Have Equipment Will Travel.