Monday, March 24, 2008

Nobody Does it Like Me!

Sorry I've deserted you over the past couple of days, but I actually had Friday off for Good Friday and I just wasn't in the mood to blog lately.

Wednesday I went out with cutie-pie author finally (its only taken about ten months for it to happen) and I spent the evening talking my depression after my father died, and stupidly mentioned Dara Joy's new boy Death by Plut-Plut (or whatever its called) which apparently is a street name for vaginal discharge during sex. Yes, that's how stupid I get around a man who is so handsome its criminal. Open mouth, insert foot, hope you like the shoe you're wearing because you'll be chewing on it for awhile.

Still he did inspire me to write a groovy new post over at Scandalous Women about Christine Keeler and the Profumo Scandal as well as about The Mayflower Madam. And he suggested that I do a Scandalous Women of New York walking tour or tour bus tour, which would be totally cool if I could get my friend Leanna to join me on it. Or I could give talks with slides etc. I could certainly do a better job than the woman I saw the Historical Society a few weeks ago.

I have to say even though I totally embarassed myself telling him seriously personal stuff, I did get a wonderful good night kiss. Shame he has a girlfriend. Ah well.

Friday night was guest night at Dancesport, and I've now gotten involved in putting together a rumba to compete down in Miami at the International Hustle and Salsa competition. I'm really looking forward to going down and just hanging out after the competition to drink fruity drinks and to hang out. Although $149 is way too much for a hotel room even with a roommate. Managed to make it through a whole song of dancing merengue with a guy who was flinging me around like nobody's business!

Sunday, I went to church, which I haven't done in awhile but I felt the need to give thanks for my BFF coming through her cancer treatment with flying colors and also to pray for ex-sweetie pie's uncle who is in ICU after surgery to remove a growth on his kidney and aorta. The service was beautiful and Judy Collins came out in a shimmery white pantsuit and got us all to sing Amazing Grace which was when I lost it and got teary. But I have to say that there was a woman sitting next to me with her two daughters who clearly didn't know how to act in church, which was working my last nerve. If I had ever acted up like that, my mother would have spanked me until I couldn't sit down for a week.

Have to start working on Chapter 8 this week. Still on schedule to finish up Chapter 9 and do revisions before I leave for NEC on the 11th.

That's it for now.

Thanks for reading!


Oh, I saw the Top Chef book in B&N this weekend and I totally want it even though its $18 with my B&N discount card.

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