Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dancing away with the Stars

So last night was the premiere of the 6th season of Dancing with the Stars, my most favorite television show of all. Seriously, I love this show even more than American Idol and Top Chef, which just goes to show you how lowbrow I am. What I love about it, is that it's celebrities out of their comfort zone. It is live, there are no re-takes, if you make a mistake, it will be replayed on YouTube for eternity.

So why do B, C and D list celebrities do it? Because it's fun. They get to wear pretty costumes and dance with hot men and women, and their significant others can't really complain about it, because its dancing, not a love scene with kissing and partial nudity. Also they are learning something, how to dance. And possibly reviving their careers like Joey Fatone, Mario Lopez, and Ian Ziering (seriously had any of you seen Steve Saunders since 90210 ended?).

My money so far is on Mario and Jason Taylor. Mario because he can really dance, although Mario Lopez might wanna watch out because I think this Mario is trying to make time with Karina, and Jason Taylor just because he's big and yummy. Penn Jilette and Adam Carolla will be long gone soon, and Steve Guttenberg will be this seen's John Ratzenberger or Marie Osmond, you know the celebrity who stays on long past their sell by date because they are cute and try hard.

Then I caved and watched the season premiere of The Bachelor. I know that I said I would stop wathcing this show after Brad Womack, but come on, the new Bachelor is British and cute, I had to watch, if only to see one of the Bachelorettes hand him her panties before she passed out. Yes, she gave him her panties. At least, I hope they weren't the ones she was wearing. I could be wrong, which makes it even more disgusting.

Seriously, is this what women have come to? Giving a man they just met and don't really know their panties after playing footsie and practically feeling him up? You know there is flirting and then there is just being a skank. And panty girl crossed the line. I have to give Matt Grant, the Bachelor, credit for not picking her to stay around to add drama to the show (although from the previews, we get to see angry black woman in the next episode. I know, couldn't skirt that stereotype!).

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