Friday, March 14, 2008

Gone Reality!

Can someone explain to me how Julio Iglesias Jr. won the CMT reality show Gone Country? Seriously, his song sucked compared to the other contestants. The only thing he had going for him, is that for some reason, women find him sexy. Maureen McCormick overcame severe stage fright, Bobby Brown had the most passionate performance, and Dee Snider actually did something that remotely sounded like country and John Rich picks Enrique Iglesias less talented brother? Go figure!

This week was the first episode of the new Top Chef and all I can say is how can you be a chef if you can't make chicken piccata? Seriously, I don't even eat meat, and I know how to make chicken piccata. It's not even hard, you dredge the chicken, after pounding it into thin cutlets, into a mixture of flour and then eggs, and then cook it in a lemon butter sauce with capers, maybe a little white wine. A ten year old could make chicken piccata, and this guy Ryan apparently has been cooking in kitchens since he was 11 years old. He actually bragged about his father firing older employees because he outcooked them. Bet Dad's not proud of him now.

Oh, and casting the lesbian couple, who cares? They are competing against themselves, and each other. The show is called Top Chef not Top Chefs. I can only imagine that relationship is going to end up in tears. But how awesome was the house they get to live in? Apart from Survivor, I think people go on reality tv shows so that for a few weeks they can live in better real estate than they already have. That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Seriously, the women on The Bachelor seem to have a better time in the house than they do with The Bachelor.

What do people think? Julio Iglesias Jr. Country star in the making? Do you know how to make chicken piccata? And have you ever thought of going on a reality TV show just to live in a cool house?


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