Monday, March 31, 2008

Authors I Love - Michele Martinez

Continuing the them of love that I started on Friday, I'm going to blog today about an author that I love: Michele Martinez. I'm a legal thriller girl, I adore Lisa Scottoline and Linda Fairstein, but the new girl on the block that I've come to love is Michele Martinez.

Her series of books feature Melanie Vargas, half-Italian, half-Puerto-Rican, who works in the US District Attorney's office for the Major Crimes Unit. Melanie is a single mom of the adorable Maya, who can't help stumbling into one high profile case and another, and of course solving them. She has an on/off relationship with the delicious Dan O'Reilly, an FBI agent, who she met in the first book MOST WANTED.

Why do I love this series? Because the writing is first rate, and the books are page-turnes without sacrificing character and plot. The characters in Michele's books are multi-layered. Melanie is dealing with the after effects of a robbery that took place when she was a teenager. She accidentally stumbled on her father's furniture store being robbed. The robbery not only took her father, who moved back to Puerto Rico and has had little contact with her sister and her, but also has left other psychic wounds. Not to mention that she divorced her ex-husband for cheating on her.

And the cases are engrossing. If you've ever watched any of the Law & Order series (including my personal favorite SVU. Love ya Christopher Meloni), you will like this series. In fact, I think that Dick Wolf needs to get on the horn and option this series. It has a great role for a Latina actress (anyone but Jessica Alba), and its set in New York and I'm all for more TV production coming to my city instead of say Toronto which no matter how hard you try, does not look like New York.

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