Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Awesome Dress Has Arrived

I love anything to do with cherries. I don't know what it is, perhaps it comes from my love of the fruit itself (hmm, rainier cherries awesome) but I've always wanted a dress with a cherry pattern. Particularly after I had my business cards done at and I dressed my doppelganger in a white cherry dress.

So imagine how ecstatic I was to find on Ebay a woman who made them from scratch. And not just any cherry dress but 1950's rockabilly swing dresses, perfect for someone like me who has hips and loves vintage. I've been coveting the dresses for awhile now and I finally bit the bullet and ordered one.

Well, I just got it on Monday and it looks fab. I ended up not ordering it in white (what if someone spilled red wine on it, like me for instance!) but in black. Even though she didn't fit the dress on me, and it ended up looking amazing on me. Although it took me awhile to realize that the flaps on the front were supposed to tie up in the front (I thought for a moment it was a bib!). I need to find a petticoat so that it stands out like in the picture and then it will be perfect.

I'm planning on wearing it on Saturday when I got out with some friends to Brooklyn to see the Wingdale Community Singers play at Barbes. I plan on wearing my strappy black high-heeled ankle strap sandals (I haven't been able to find red ones that I like), my ankle bracelet and a flowered comb.

In other news, what is up with Amy Winehouse still smoking after she received the diagnosis that she has scarring on her lungs, and possibly be in the early stages of emphysema? Is she nuts? I think she's a wonderful talent, but right now I find listening to Back in Black to be painful to listen to right now, particularly 'Rehab.'

Stay cool!



Fifi Flowers said...

Nuts and cherries... interesting combination... I think there is a candy with both!
Cute dress!

Kwana said...

Love the Dress! You'll look so fab. I blogged on Amy yesterday. Ugh!

Megan Frampton said...

That dress is smoking.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

Thanks guys, I'm really happy with it and I would definitely order a dress from Dana again. There's something nice about having a dress that's original as to the latest dress from Banana Republic. Not that there's anything wrong with that since I live in Banana Republic. I should buy stock in the damn company!

Dante said...

WOW! I was just looking at a "cherries" necklace online today, and now I see this dress! It would look so great with it! I promise I'm NOT affiliated with this site in any way, but go to:

It's under "accessories" - then scroll down (past the creepy skull stuff). You might like that store, there is a lot of 50's cherry themed tops & lingerie, too. ;-)