Sunday, June 08, 2008

How to be Famous and Broke

So Evander Holyfield needs to keep boxing at the relatively advanced age of 45 because he's basically broke. Yep, somehow he's managed to spend over $200MM large ones over the course of his career. His $10MM is about to go into foreclosure and one of his baby mama's is suing him for back child support payments. How could things have gone so wrong?

Well for one thing, what the hell did he need with a 110 room mansion? Can you imagine what the upkeep was on that thing? It boggles the mind just how many windows needed to washed, not to mention the groundskeeper, security and housekeeper and maids. 110 rooms don't just clean themselves.

And the man has 9 children. I don't know how many baby mama's there are but let's just say, it is 5 women. That's $40,000 a month in child support, not to mention alimony if he was married to any of these women. Lawyer's fees must be over $100,000 a year. Not to mention what he's paying if he has an entourage and a security detail. He probably flies alot on private planes. You know that's going to cost.

This is what happens when you come from nothing and you start living large. There is a reason why Warren Buffet still lives in Nebraska and buys his suits from Sears. Also why he still has all his money and Evander Holyfield has unpaid bills and debts.

Also a word of caution to all you would be rappers, sports figures and singers out there. If you meet a woman in a club, and take her back to your hotel room, wear a damn condom. Not just because there are nasty STD's out there but because if you believe a woman when she says she's on the pill,


This is how some of these guys get screwed in the money department. I'm not saying that is totally how Evander Holyfield blew all his money, but I'm sure that it had something to do with it. There should be some kind of class that you can take if you become famous and start making real money like HOW TO BE FAMOUS AND NOT GO BROKE. It could be a learning annex course.

Still, there has to be some way for Holyfield to make money without going back in the ring. Reality TV? Celebrity Mole, Appentice, Surreal Life, whatever.

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