Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blogging the Bachelorette

Forgive me if this blog post isn't too coherent. I came home late last night after watching a documentary on a contemporary sculptor Louise Bourgeois, who is pretty cool, and then I acted like an idiot with cutie pie author, so I wasn't really in the mood when I got home last night to watch 2 hours of this thing. Plus it was hot yesterday. It has been 95 degrees for the past four days. But I'm nothing if not dedicated, so I cranked up the AC and watched The Bachelorette on my DVR.
>With A Song In My Heart - Normally this is the point in the show when the guys have to write heartfelt letters to The Bachelorette in order to get some face time. Mike Weiss and the producers went one better and decided that not only did the guys have to write lyrics but they also had to sing to DeAnna which made most of the guys shake in their boots. Except for Robert who is supremely overconfident. Graham said that he would rather 'eat glass.' I pretty much fast forwarded through this bit until it came to Jesse who won DeAnna's heart by reading his poem while holding her hand and staring into her eyes. DeAnna awarded him the one-on-one date. A suit was delivered to the mansion, so that Jesse wouldn't wear one of his crazy outfits on their date. He looked good, but I wish that he had pulled his hair back into a ponytail instead of leaving it messy and loose. It's too bad that Ron couldn't have cut Jesse's hair before he got booted last week. At the Wiltern, DeAnna forces Jesse to repeat his song and then they have dinner. They talk and Jesse opens up about being there for DeAnna. I still don't see any physical chemistry between the two of them. Natasha Bedingfield comes out and sings to them and they dance. Jesse gets the rose.

I Feel A Need For Speed
- The rest of the guys, apart from Fred and Robert, go on a date to a race track with DeAnna. To say that they are happy is an understatement. I think I went temporarily deaf from the amount of whooping and shouting going on. Once at the track, they do a kind of The Right Stuff slo-mo move wearing their tracksuits, and then DeAnna comes out and everyone thinks she's hot. Oy vey! The guys then proceed to take a turn around the track to see who gets the first alone time with DeAnna. Brian can't get his car started, Jason does well, even Twilley surprises everyone by getting a good time even though he has motion sickness (Twilley I feel your pain), Jeremy gets upset that he stunk, and Sean beats everyone. He gets the one on one time, and shares that he and DeAnna have a connection because she once lived in Kentucky and their both a little redneck. Why would that be considered romantic? Seriously, if a guy called you a redneck, wouldn't you want to punch him? Unless of course you are Gretchen Wilson. Graham pouts that he's not so special after all, because DeAnna has feelings for the other guys and has kissed them. She asks for a kiss and he rejects her. Bad move, dude!

DeAnna Flips Out - The next afternoon, the guys in the Outhouse invite DeAnna, Robert and Fred to come hang out at their place until the two on one date. Right from the start it gets weird. The guys taunt Robert into cooking for them by throwing a chef's hat at him. He gets pissed off and tosses a chair. Fred steps up to the plate and starts cooking huge steaks (I really like Fred). Graham pouts some more. Brian is too into hanging with the other guys instead of trying to get alone time with DeAnna. Finally, she takes Robert aside and asks what's wrong. He tells that he is nervous about their date, and that someone has told him that she has already made up her mind who will be the final 3, Jeremy, Graham and Jason (hmm, I wonder who that could have been?). DeAnna does not like this and calls the guys on the carpet about their behavior. She storms off back to the mansion.

The Most Awkward Two on One date in History - The guys take a car to go to another house to have dinner with DeAnna. I wasn't sure if they were supposed to cook with her, because we didn't really see it, and I have no idea what the point was of going off to another house when they already have one. It seemed ridiculous and wasteful but what do I know. Robert regained his confidence, and was smarmy in the extreme. DeAnna called him on his running away from her, after he told her that communication in a relationship is key. She and Fred had some lovely alone time but then DeAnna shocked everyone by sending them both home. She just felt that neither one was husband material for her, particularly Robert, and Fred she didn't want to lead on and keep him, when she didn't feel a romantic connection.

I have to give her props for this. She could have kept Fred another week, but if she wasn't feeling it, it probably would have been cruel, since his feelings would have gotten deeper. Robert blew it completely in my opinion with his actions that day, and she clearly doesn't have the physical connection with him that she has with the other guys. So as painful as it must have been, I have to give DeAnna props for doing it now.

Back at the house, the guys are freaked out that both Robert and Fred are sent home. They realize just how serious DeAnna is about finding true love, and they all realize (well really Brian and Twilley) that they are going to have to step it up. Jason takes advantage of the fact that he is alone with DeAnna in the house to comfort her (Smart guy) which makes the other guys jealous.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony - Jason, ever the gentleman, escorts DeAnna from her room to the cocktail party which none of the other guys who lived in the house had ever done (Hmm, he's scoring several firsts this season). DeAnna gets alone time with Brian and Twilley, Jeremy and Graham, and then everyone puts on their swimsuits and frolics in the pool. Another first for a rose ceremony. Chris Harrison earns his paycheck by breaking up the party and telling everyone to get dressed for the rose ceremony. Seriously, I think it would have been funnier if they had done the rose ceremony at the pool and DeAnna had to keep her bikini on.
All the guys who are left (including Twilley, seriously?) receive a rose except for Brian. Fortunately he realized that he goofed by bonding with the guys instead of taking the time to bond with DeAnna.

Next week, sweet jesus, we have to sit through DeAnna Tells All, about the remaining 6 guys. Clearly ABC realized that they had to fill air time since DeAnna booted two guys this week.

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